Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of books do you write?


I write technothrillers, which is a hybrid genre that draws on science fiction and thrillers, and spy fiction, action and war novels. Basically what I’m saying is they’re awesome.

Technothrillers often explore espionage, martial arts and politics, and they often bleed into conspiracy fiction, political thrillers, apoca­lyptic fiction and hard science fiction.

Michael Crichton is considered the inventor of the sub-genre. Other notable technothriller authors include Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, Ian Fleming (James Bond) and William Gibson.

My technothrillers have a lot more action and often draw compar­isons with Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow series. Mine are also known for their humor, which is unusual for a very serious, atonal genre.

Some readers have described my books as “overwhelm­ingly female,” despite the genders being balanced.


I’m a bookstore or library, how do I order your books?


Through Ingram!

All my books (published and self-published) are available globally through Ingram at the industry standard discount (40%). And yes, they’re returnable!

I always love to hear from libraries and bookstores. Feel free to email me, I love you! Wait, was that too soon?


How do I read your books?


The most conve­nient and popular format is the ebook.


You can read these on anything and every­thing, including an ereader such as a Kindle, a tablet, phone or computer.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can read on the iBooks or Kindle app.

And if you’re using an Android phone, you can read on your Google Play Books or Kindle app.

You can also read ebooks on a computer, but that isn’t much fun.

The most popular platforms to buy Helix: Episode 1 on is Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo and Nook.

And you can read them in print too. Bookstores won’t automat­i­cally stock them because I can’t afford an army of sales reps, but you can order them through any bookstore. Or do what most people do and order online at

(Hot tip: if you’re Australian, you can order from Amazon’s Book Depos­itory website with free shipping.)


Do I need to read any other books before starting Helix?


Nope! This is a new series written for all readers.


How many episodes are there in the Helix series?


There are nine episodes.


Should I wait until you have combined all the episodes into one book?


Whoa there!

You know that would be a 1,700-page book, right? That’s crazy talk.

Look, probably.


Are there plans for more after the Helix series?


You bet there is.


Why are your episodes sold for $2.99?


Because I enjoy not ripping people off.

No seriously, I insist on keeping a low price for all my books! Even if it kills me. But hopefully not.

My episodes are between 150 and 300 pages long, so $2.99 is a pretty good price for that. The first episodes are even lower, only 99c. That way I hook you in and then you’re an addict and you can’t stop.

Most tradi­tionally published ebooks are $12 to $18, if you’re wondering why the industry is collapsing.


Can I get your books in audiobook format?


Not yet, but this is my next priority! You can subscribe to my newsletter for future updates. You know you want to.


Can I get your books in print format?


The Helix series is also in print and available globally.

I don’t make much selling print, but I want to give you the oppor­tunity to read in your preferred format.

See, I care about you! Now buy my books.


Are your books available in languages other than English?


Not yet, but the first language planned for trans­lation is Simplified Chinese.


Are you self-published?



In the beginning of my career, I was published by Pan Macmillan’s Momentum imprint, one of the world’s first digital-centric imprints.

A couple of weeks before Helix: Episode 1 was published, Pan Macmillan shut Momentum down and the rights for Helix were trans­ferred to the parent publisher, Pan Macmillan. After thinking it over with my agent, we decided to pull Helix: Episode 1 a week before publi­cation and take my rights back.

A few months later I self-published the Helix series, and a year later I took the rights back to all my books and self-published those too.

I loved Momentum, but my plan is to self-publish all future titles.


Are publishing rights available?


Print rights are available for all titles. You are welcome to contact my literary agent, Xavier Waterkeyn.


Are film or television rights available?



Netflix, if you’re reading this: triple yes.

Other producers: Would also love to hear from you.

Screen­writers: thank you, but I already have some industry pals helping me on that front.


How do I become a writer?


I wrote a mini-guide here:


Have another question? Ask me!